Museum Concept

The Museum of Future Objects brings the future into the present. Conceived and founded by experimental physicist Dr Sumus Deridet, MoFO is redefining the museum paradigm with a revolutionary new approach to collection and exhibition.  MoFO will have a permanent home in Philadelphia in 2016. The former Keely Motor Company site was chosen for its historic significance to Dr Deridet.



MoFO has a completely new vision for the future of museums, developing a new model which is driven by an ethos of Discover it! Exhibit it! In partnership with the Institute of Future Objects (InFO), a new research center at The California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), MoFO will be the public venue for exhibiting the latest groundbreaking research in experimental physics. The relationship between MoFO and InFO can be described as an innovative new channel of communication and collaboration between research and exhibition. InFO is the research hub and MoFO is the public platform for showcasing the outcomes of  this interdisciplinary collaboration.



MoFO’s motto “Futurity in Perpetuity” is reflected in their permanent collection. It is divided into two areas - Past∞Present and Present∞Future. Dr Deridet’s multi-faceted and idiosyncratic approach to collecting forms the basis for Past∞Present. The Present∞Future represents a radical departure from conventional museum collections. The vision includes showing future objects via specialized micro-environments called Quantum Containers created by InFO. With these Quantum Containers, MoFO can not only exhibit the light of future objects in time loops  (FLOTLs) but also harvest the enormous amounts of energy being generated by the process. InFO is currently developing infrastructure to collect and store the energy for future use.



The collection of energy from the Present∞Future Collection is light years beyond current museum practices. MoFO’s vision is to transform the concept of a museum from a singular experience of the past to perpetual encounters with the future. Futurity in Perpetuity.






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