Artist rendering of Quantum Containers in a gallery

A rare glimpse into the interior of a  Quantum Container

The Present∞Future represents a radical departure from conventional museum collections. The vision includes  the installation of specialized micro-environments called Quantum Containers. Dr Deridet has created traversable wormholes within these Quantum contains that can project the light of future objects as they get caught in closed timelike loops. These Future Light Object Time Loops (FLOTLs) form the Present∞Future  Permanent Collection. FLOTLs exist within Quantum containers which are highly charged and not visible to the naked eye. Patented vision technology has been developed by InFO, designed for contemporary smart devices, so MoFO visitors will be provided with a highly interactive experience when witnessing these Future Objects.


FLOTLs are unlike traditional museum artifacts, their future presence generates enormous amounts of energy for which InFO is currently developing infrastructure to collect and store for future use. The collection of energy from the Present∞Future Collection is a radical departure from current museum practices. MoFO’s vision is to transform the concept of a museum  from an experience of the past to perpetual encounters from the future.




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