The ideas of Dr Deridet have transformed how we understand the future, today. His radical vision offers unexplored potential for how we understand art and science. The work being undertaken through the Institute for Future Objects is testimony to perpetuating this vision.


 Supported by the Deridet Foundation, the research being conducted under the auspices of the Institute for Future Objects (InFO) will be directly applied to establishing the Museum of Future Objects (MoFO). By drawing upon the expertise and domain knowledge of a cross-disciplinary team of leading scientists, artists and scholars, the vision of MoFO will be realized.


The Institute of Future Objects is a new research center established at the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), University of California San Diego. As part of the Deridet Foundation, the center has been created to realizing the vision of renowned experimental physicist, Dr Sumus Deridet.  The Institute for Future Objects imperative is to advance the applied applications of traversable wormholes and closed timelike loops. InFO and Calit2 in partnership with the Museum of Future Objects are developing innovative pathways from theoretical research to practical exhibition.



The Institute for Future Objects will bring together thinkers and creators in the arts and information technology, in quantum physics and the physical sciences to help us build new understandings about the shape of the past and future and to develop techniques that will extend the present.

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