See the future nOw!



Until the museum is built in 2016, MoFO will exhibit objects from Dr Deridet’s collection at a variety of art fairs and conventions in years to come.  Please visit our MoFO events page for details of an exhibition near you.

The Museum of Future Objects is the future now. At MoFO we asks questions like: How do humans sustain themselves in the future? What objects do they have and use? What scientific breakthroughs will revolutionize the way we live now and in the future? What if we had a window into the future - what would we see? The Museum of Future Objects is a museum like no other. Conceived and founded by Dr Sumus Deridet in 2012, MoFO is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and public appreciation of the future and its objects. Through his genius, MoFO can show you the future now! 
Put simply, because we can. Thanks to an innovative partnership with the Institute for Future Objects (InFO), MoFO has the technology and the science to show you future moments in the present. 
MoFO is at the scientific and technological forefront of what is possible as well as leading the way in what is considered improbable. "Time Looping" is the colloquial term MoFO uses to describe the complex and groundbreaking physics thatInFO employs to create wormholes into future space. By altering space-time within tightly controlled environments (quantum containers), it is possible to capture projections of future objects in time loops. To safely view these Future Light Object Time Loops" or (FLOTLs) InFO has developed patented vision technology that works with contemporary smart devices to see through the quantum containers into the future. Where? WHAT? HOW? WHY?
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