DR SUMUS DERIDET Very little is known about Dr Sumus Deridet except that he has devoted his life to experimental physics. As a recluse, he shied away from the usual path of a scientist. He has never held an academic position, published any of his findings, nor has he made any attempt to embrace the digital world. He lives outside of our time. He is humble, quiet spoken, with an intensity rarely seen today. Although to the world at large he does not exist (a google search will reveal nothing of his life or work), the world has been significantly and permanently altered by his hand. His achievements are remarkable. What you may ask am I alluding to? Well, you will likely think I am crazy but I will tell you anyway. Sumus Deridet has completely altered the fabric of space and time. A little thing really! Though I don’t fully understand how’s, what’s and why’s, Sumus describes this action to me in the simplest of terms as time bending. I have seen his work first hand. My brain cannot compute a lot of what he explains but my eyes see what my brain cannot grasp. I have witnessed objects from the future projected in front of me as if by sorcery. It is spine-chilling, mind-blowing, earth-shattering. Words fail to capture the brevity and gravity of this revolutionary scientific achievement. Sumus, being the unconventional man that he is, has decided on an unorthodox approach to presenting his amazing findings. Rather than publish in peer-reviewed journals, or announce to the press, he has been amassing a collection of objects using his “time bending” to show to the world. To house this collection, the Museum of Future Objects has been conceived. My friends, I am honored to be associated with such a great man and a great mission. I look forward to seeing you in the not so distant future and for you to see some of these amazing future objects. Rufus Sodgrass
Director, Museum of Future Objects
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