The Museum of Future Objects is an educational institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and public appreciation of the future. It is a place that ignites curiosity, fuels imagination and fosters the future now. Our vision and mission is helping you understand and embrace the future of our time.

Vision Director's Message: The Museum of Future Objects is a museum with a strong sense of the future. Conceived and founded by Dr Sumus Deridet in 2012, MoFO is an educational institution dedicated to exhibiting the very latest in scientific endeavor and human accomplishment. Although reclusive, Dr Deridet's passion to share his knowledge and collection of cultural objects drives him to continue his research and realize his vision of a space where the public can see the future now. Our motto is Perpetuity in Futurity and its a creed we live by. As we move towards opening our doors in 2016 we have a strong conviction and an unwavering commitment to share as much of the future as we can now. We will display future objects at various art fairs, conventions and educational conferences throughout the coming years to capture the imaginations and flame the passion for the future that I believe we all possess. MoFO is perpetuating the future and you are invited to join us. See you then! Rufus Sodgrass
Director, Museum of Future Objects
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